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There are two types of technologists. Those who only believe something is possible after it has been proven. Then there are those who believe anything is possible, until proven otherwise.

We are members of that second tribe.

FXR base

The FXR was introduced as Harley Davidson’s answer to European and Asian sport bikes. When designing the FXR handling and performance were top priority. This is the reason the FXR was known as the engineer’s bike.

Dominator motorcycles was inspired to build a modern, reliable and great handling v-twin and chose to use the FXR frame as a base. The result is the Dominator-FXR concept!

Dominator Custom

Our latest dominator custom. Based on the FXR-frame and build from the ground up with a mix of 3rd party custom performance parts and in-house fabrication. The aero is made from carbon fiber and fabricated in house.

And what a result!

Every Detail

Leaving no stone unturned and taking everything into account to make this dominator super stylish.

Check our gallery for more photo’s.

Dominator Motorcycles:
Killer looks combined with excellent handling.

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